Website Upgrades | Responsive Mobile Ready Websites

• Does your website need upgrading?
• Does it feel and function great on all devices including smart phones, tablets and other devices?
• Is it attracting, retaining and helping you convert enough customers?

Biz-Tech believe your website should be working for you 24/7. If it's not then contact Biz-Tech today to get your website an upgrade that will bring it into the 21st century at an affordable price.

Most websites active in Ireland today were built using coding and technologies from the 90's and early 00's which are now redundant.

All websites Biz-Tech build are responsive and mobile ready a standard. This means they feel and function great on all devices including desktops, laptops, Mac's, iPads, smart phones, Android and Windows tablets etc.

To see if your website is responsive and mobile ready, simply open it up on a tablet or smart phone. The website should have reorganised itself to fit nicely on your tablet or smart phone screen and a special drop down menu should appear at the top. If it hasn't then you should consider upgrading your website to improve the experience for those who access your websites infomation, products and services. It means more business by retaining more traffic on your website for all devices.

If you would like to improve the feel and user experience of your current site or you think your rankings could be higher then call Biz-Tech today for a free consultation.

We also craft custom themes and skins for popular content management systems 'CMS' such as DotNetNuke 'DNN', Drupal, Fire CMS, ModX, Orchard, Joomla, Umbraco, WordPress and many more!

We have a great track record of refreshing websites with great results for our clients with website upgrade packages starting from as little as €700.

Website Upgrade Benefits:

• Improve search engine ranking and results

• Increase organic traffic to your brand

• One website for all devices

• Less costly then developing multiple website versions to suit different devices

• Promote your brand consistently, concisely and professionally across all devices

• Increase of your brand awareness nationally and internationally

• Increase conversions on your website and generate more leads

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